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Although most people associate the infection with sexual contact, it is possible to transmit HSV-1 more often oral cold sores indirectly through the use of shared glassware or utensils. HSV-2 most typically associated with genital herpes however, is generally transmitted through sexual contact. It is thought to be possible to pass the infection onto someone else at any time, even when the virus is in remission. However, the likelihood of this is very small, compared to when the virus is active and symptoms are present. Herpes is at its most contagious when blisters and sores have burst, and remains infectious for a period of a few days following this. So, when a flare-up is in progress, it is best to avoid sexual contact with others until the area has completely healed, in order to limit the chances of infecting someone else.

Although the virus does not ever fully go away, symptoms will tend to come and go with decreasing frequency and severity as a person gets older. Reactivations usually occur when the immune system of the host is in a particularly weakened state, sometimes due to illness or fatigue. Treatment for HSV therefore aims at speeding up the recovery process, and catching reactivations before they can develop. Aciclovir is an effective treatment for herpes, as it gets to work fast, easing symptoms during the active stages of an outbreak, and halting the development of those about to happen. It does this by stopping the virus from reproducing in the body.

During an episode, the virus generates a self-sustaining enzyme DNA polymerase to help multiply itself, which leads to symptoms. Symptoms can appear from around one to two weeks after you have been infected. The skin around the genital region is likely to inflame at first, causing a tingling, burning or itching sensation. As the virus replicates, small red blisters that are usually bunched together in areas, may start to appear. Fluid then builds up inside the blisters, giving them a yellow appearance.

The blisters then burst, leaving red sores that are painful and tender to touch. Blisters can be accompanied by other symptoms including headaches, body aches, pain when urinating and generally feeling unwell as if you have a fever. Symptoms do not appear after first being infected and tend to present in the first few weeks after contracting the infection. They may also present after several months or years, or never at all. If you experience any symptoms in the form of blisters, you should speak to your GP about getting tested, or order a herpes test kit online.

What areas of the body do genital herpes affect? In men, genital herpes can affect the penis, the skin of the testicles, the groin, the inside of your thighs, the buttocks and the anal region. In women, genital herpes can affect the lips of the vagina, the outer vagina, the inner part of the vagina, the groin, the inside of your thighs, the buttock region and the anus. What if I have no symptoms? It is important to remember that some people may not experience any symptoms despite carrying the virus, and may have their first herpes outbreak months or even years after infection.

Some carriers of the herpes virus will never experience symptoms, but they are still able to pass the infection on to others. When is genital herpes most contagious? You are most likely to infect someone else with genital herpes just before an outbreak when you are experiencing a tingling or burning sensation in the affected areas , whilst experiencing an outbreak, and just after one has occurred. Sexual activity outside of these phases lowers the possibility of transmission, but does not eliminate it. Does genital herpes itch? Initially, you may experience a tingling or itching sensation.

As the outbreak progresses, the itching tends to stop and the blisters start to become painful. Can you cure genital herpes? There is no medication available to cure herpes at this current moment in time. Once the virus enters your body, it remains inactive in your nerve cells until a trigger activates it. Once the virus has been activated, you will experience symptoms such as blistering around the genital, thigh, groin or buttock area. You can buy herpes treatment in the form of antiviral medication such as aciclovir and valaciclovir to help shorten the length of outbreaks and ease symptoms. What can trigger a herpes outbreak? A herpes outbreak can be triggered by a number of factors.

It is unknown what exactly causes an outbreak, and this can vary upon induvial. However, the following are thought to trigger a genital herpes outbreak. Weak immune system The common cold, flu, or any other time where your immune system is weaker than normal may trigger an outbreak. Hormone changes Fluctuating levels of hormones for example during menstruation can trigger an outbreak. Vigorous sex It has been reported that strong friction can irritate the skin and potentially lead to an outbreak. Stress Physical or mental stress has proven to have a strong correlation to causing outbreaks of genital herpes.

Excessive alcohol consumption Excess exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet light Why is there no cure for herpes? Genital herpes is not spread by bacteria and is caused by a virus. Symptoms of these infections include itching, soreness, tingling, and red bumps which develop into painful crusty sores. Whilst the first outbreak is generally most severe, recurring outbreaks may still occur as the virus lies dormant in the body for life. Whilst there is no cure for the condition, the anti-viral medications aciclovir and valaciclovir may be used to treat genital herpes outbreaks, or even be taken regularly to reduce the frequency of outbreaks. Read more here.

Living with Herpes If you have recently been diagnosed with genital herpes, you may be feeling angry or concerned. However, it is important to know that it is a very common condition, and there are a few simple steps you can take to reduce the impact it has on your life. If you do suffer from pain, over-the-counter painkillers may help, as well as soaking the area in warm water. Otherwise the area should be kept dry, and cotton breathable underwear worn. It is important to be open with sexual partners about the diagnosis, and always wear a condom, as the infection may be spread even when there are no symptoms.

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Aciclovir is an anti-viral medicine which stops viruses multiplying and spreading. Dr Fox supplies aciclovir to treat cold sores on the lips. We do not recommend obtaining medicine online for the treatment of genital herpes and genital sores, as a full STI assessment is first required.4,9/5. Click here to see Aciclovir for Cold Sores. Buy Aciclovir Online What is Aciclovir and how does it work? Aciclovir is an antiviral medication used to treat herpes infections, including genital herpes. Although it cannot be cured, aciclovir tablets help to control and suppress herpes/10(). Lateralized lesions can be accompanied by unilateral inguinallymphadenectomy buy aciclovir mg online uk while anterior or posterior lesions at or crossing the midline require abilateral inguinal lymphadenectomy. Clinical features and aetiology of septic arthritisin northern Israel.5/5(32).

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Another alternative is to use Aciclovir tablets with a compatible jelly or cream, and to follow other self-help pointers detailed on our genital herpes information page. Aciclovir is taken in different doses in a different quantity, depending on the strain of herpes virus it's required to treat. Although a doctor may adjust the dosage slightly, below is the guideline to follow. His may also alter depending on whether you are taking Aciclovir as a preventative or needs-be basis. For further information on dosage option and which is most appropriate for particular strains of the herpes virus, the patient leaflet is attached at the bottom of this page: For genital herpes and cold sores, the general prescribed dose would be one 200mg Aciclovir tablet five times a day, at four hourly intervals for a duration of five days.

As a preventative treatment for genital herpes and cold sores, one Aciclovir 200mg tablet should be taken four times a day at six-hour intervals for six to twelve months. One 800mg Aciclovir tablet or four 200mg tablets five times a day at four-hour intervals for seven days is usually recommended for the treatment of shingles. Whilst these are usual recommendations for genital herpes, cold sores and shingles, your doctor will prescribe the most convenient dosage and daily quantity for you. Aciclovir dosages Aciclovir is available to buy from euroClinix in two dosages; 200mg and 800mg. The 200mg dose is more frequently used, as it is a lower dosage, which can be taken multiple times throughout the week with minimal risk of side effects.

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The tI: Effects of an angiotensin-converting—enzyme inhibitor,ramipril, on cardiovascular events in high-risk patients. Treatment of first episode — 400mg 1 tablet , three times a day for five days Treatment of recurrent infection — 400mg 1 tablet , three times a day for three to five days Suppressive therapy for those that experience six or more outbreaks a year — 400mg 1 tablet , twice daily ongoing Treatment of first episode - 500mg 1 tablet , twice daily for five days Treatment of recurrent infection — 500mg 1 tablet , twice daily for three to five days Suppressive therapy for those that experience six or more outbreaks a year — 500mg 1 tablet daily ongoing Which is the best antiviral treatment for herpes?

Both aciclovir and valaciclovir block the replication of the herpes simplex virus, inactivating it. In fact, valaciclovir is a pro-drug of aciclovir, and once ingested, valaciclovir is broken down into aciclovir. This means that a higher dose of valaciclovir can be taken, and will stay for longer in the body, and therefore needs to be taken less frequently than aciclovir. Both drugs are effective in treating herpes and work just as well with only a few people experiencing side-effects. How long does it take to get rid of a genital herpes outbreak? The antiviral therapies assist the body in fighting the virus, speeding the recovery time.

The first outbreak tends to be the most severe, and can last between 2-3 weeks. Subsequent outbreaks tend to become less severe and generally pass within a few days. Antiviral medication helps to speed up the recovery time, shorten the length of an outbreak, as well as helping to ease symptoms. If I have sex with someone who has herpes, will I get it? It is possible to contract herpes from someone who has the virus, regardless of whether they are experiencing an outbreak or not. Someone who has genital herpes is most contagious when an outbreak is about to begin, during an outbreak, or shortly after one has finished.

The chances of contracting or passing on herpes are lower in between outbreaks, but there is still a chance of contracting the virus, even though symptoms may not be present. Can I use herpes treatment if I am pregnant? It is possible to be prescribed herpes treatment if you are pregnant. This should be done under the close supervision of your doctor, who can prescribe you with herpes medication if the benefits are thought to outweigh the potential risks. If I have herpes, will my baby get it? If you have acquired genital herpes before your pregnancy, there is an extremely low chance that it will be passed onto your child. This is because your body has built up antibodies in order to fight the virus.

These antibodies are provisionally given to your baby through the placenta during pregnancy. So, even if there are genital sores around the vagina during birth, the antibodies are a form of protection for the baby. It is important to let your doctor know, so that extra measures can be taken in order to protect the new born. Women who develop herpes later on in their pregnancy however, are at an increased chance of passing the virus onto their child. This is because the immune system has not built up antibodies as a form of protection to fight the virus, meaning that the baby is able to contract herpes.

This potentially can be dangerous and potentially life threatening for the child. If you have contracted genital herpes at any point during your pregnancy, you should see your doctor immediately. Aciclovir is an anti-viral medicine which stops viruses multiplying and spreading. Dr Fox supplies aciclovir to treat cold sores on the lips. We do not recommend obtaining medicine online for the treatment of genital herpes and genital sores, as a full STI assessment is first required. Obtaining an online test kit and self-treating may leave you vulnerable to undiagnosed infections.

For essential information about cold sores and their treatment read our medical information page. Aciclovir tablets come in various strengths, 200mg, 400mg, and 800mg. We supply a 5 day course of the 200mg strength tablets, which is the recommended course for cold sore treatment. Various brands of tablets are available produced by different drug companies, including Boots and GSK Zovirax brand and Actavis.

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